BEWARE THIS DIET IS RISK TO HEALTH Want to lose weight by experimenting with various diet trends? Beware, these three popular diets can be risky for health conditions.

Diet is often defined as a set of eating patterns with a specific purpose. Generally this action is associated with the process of losing weight. In fact, not all diets are healthy. There are various types of diets that are classified as harmful to health. Information that is easily obtained thanks to the internet contributes to a person’s diet that is harmful to health. Because they want instant results, many people try various types of diets that are read on the internet without consulting a nutritionist. In fact, the diet can be classified as unhealthy. What types of diets are harmful to health? Here’s the information for you.

1. The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet or keto diet applies a low-carb but high-fat diet. That way, there is a process of ketosis in the body, namely the body’s metabolism when fat is used as the main energy source. The main goal is for the body to use fat sources as a substitute for glucose so that it can burn as many sources of body fat as possible. Unfortunately, this diet is dangerous because it can lead to the following conditions:


– Loss of electrolytes.

– Stomach bloated. -Nauseous.

-Vomit. -Constipation. In addition, the ketosis diet is at risk for narrowing of blood vessels that leads to strokes and heart attacks.

Community Verified iconPaleo diet.

Paleo diet applies human diet in the Paleolithic era or the stone age in antiquity. At that time, the food consumed came from nature and was hunted, such as vegetables, fish, or meat which of course did not go through a processing process. The bad effects of this diet still need further observation. Because, this diet limits salt consumption and avoids cereals, which can be used as a source of fiber.

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