Negative Impacts Due to Excessive Diet

Negative Impacts Due to Excessive Diet – Are you someone who is on a diet program? Have you ever experienced illness or health problems that occurred when you were on an excessive diet? If so, then you need to read the reviews below. Diet is the most common path for you to take. But because you want to lose a lot of weight in a fast time, you may choose to go on an extreme diet, even though without you realizing extreme dieting is very dangerous for your own health.

The bad effects caused by a diet that is too extreme can attack anyone, both women and men and young or old. Therefore you have to be smart to find a way to diet that is safe for yourself with a body condition that has a risk of causing disease. One example of an unsafe diet is a diet that intentionally starves you. Do not eat at all because you want to lose weight quickly. You deliberately do not eat any food for a long time. If you do this carelessly, the impact you will receive will be very negative.

Excessive dieting is a way of dieting or a wrong diet method by imposing the limits of the body’s capabilities. For example, if you need energy as much as 2,500 kcal per day, but your diet contains only 1,000 kcal per day, then it is included in the diet that is excessive. You should adjust your diet menu with foods that contain the energy you need. Neither less nor more.

Diseases Due to Excessive Diet

The next disease caused by excessive dieting is bulimia. The Dangers of the Wrong Diet usually occur due to eating disorders or eating disorders due to excessive dieting. Someone who has this torturous disease also often does strange things to expel the food that has been eaten before, as people with anorexia do. Bulmia is a condition where a person usually consumes excessive food repeatedly and then excretes it again. Some of the ways commonly used by patients to remove food from the stomach is by consuming laxatives or diuretic drugs.

The weight will come back quickly
Of course you’re not going on this diet forever, are you? So after you return to a normal eating pattern, your body weight will certainly go back up quickly and will even exceed your original scale number.

Disrupt metabolism
Crash diets can have a negative effect on your metabolism. If you eat very little or don’t eat at all, you are signaling your body to slow down your metabolism. A slowed metabolism will upset your digestive system, especially if you later return to a normal diet.

Increased hunger
When you starve yourself, your body sends a signal to your brain that you are really hungry. Then when you start eating again, the brain will get a signal that the food is available and the brain will give a signal to overeat.

Nutritional deficiency
If you are on an extreme diet, of course your nutritional intake will be much reduced. Many disorders can occur if the body lacks nutrients, such as mineral deficiencies which can lead to osteoporosis and fractures easily, or iron deficiency which can cause anemia.

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Effect on appearance
Extreme weight loss will also affect your appearance. Not only will your face look older, but your hair will also become thinner due to hair loss. In addition, you will also experience bad breath because “starvation” can cause excess bacteria production in the mouth.

Lack of energy
Try to do this diet just one day, you will immediately feel sluggish and tired. The body feels less energetic. What caused it? Of course, when the body is “lack of food” as a source of energy, then you will become tired more easily, have difficulty concentrating and as a result work performance will also decrease.

Risk of Diabetes
Reporting from, intentionally starving yourself for too long can make the body’s cells stop responding to insulin, a hormone that functions to break down sugar. This prevents the liver from receiving the signal to stop producing glucose and continue pumping it into the blood. Excess glucose that accumulates in the blood can later cause type 2 diabetes.

Easy to get emotional
When the body does not get enough nutritional intake because there is no food intake for too long, emotional stability will also be disturbed. Blood sugar levels in the body are unstable, emotions and moods become problematic.

Disrupted Body Metabolism
Intentionally starving yourself for too long, the body’s metabolic rate will decrease. What is the impact? As a result, the body has difficulty burning calories and instead accumulates fat. In other words, instead of getting thinner, you gain weight.

When starving, the body will meet energy needs by producing adrenaline and other hormones. If left too long, the body will experience stress and can trigger the emergence of a number of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression.

Bad Breath
Dry mouth due to decreased saliva production can cause bacteria to multiply faster. This can then cause bad breath.

Dizzy and Easily Tired
Sugar levels decrease due to deliberately starving themselves. It can also make arteries narrow and cause high blood pressure. As a result, you feel dizzy, easily tired, and nauseous. It can even cause fainting or loss of consciousness.

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